Text Box: Dal Sanders And American Variety
There are things that start fresh every spring. Baseball starts a new season. Farmers plant new crops. The circus begins a new tour with all new acts. Kids start planning their summer  vacations and Dal Sanders puts together a fresh edition of his touring stage show American Variety (formerly The American All Star Magical Variety Show).
With the technology revolution in full swing, many wonderful acts find themselves competing with computer games and television. For the past thirteen years various variety entertainers including mimes, jugglers, clowns, magicians, musicians and even ventriloquists have joined forces to give family audiences something that is becoming all too rare. These entertainers, under the direction of magician/illusionist Dal Sanders, are one of the last hopes for families to enjoy a live, interactive, variety performance.
Dal Sanders and American Variety is an original, self-contained, theatrical show that offers solid family entertainment. Its basic structure is perfect as a touring show, a fundraiser or as specialty entertainment for a convention or company event. Although it was originally conceived to be performed in theaters, the troupe has even been hired to entertain outdoors at fairs, festivals and even shopping centers. Generally the shows are 90 minutes, but they can be adjusted to fit your schedule.
The star of the show is Dal Sanders, a full-time professional magician who yearly entertains thousands of people on television, film and in hundreds of live shows. Other acts include jugglers, fire eaters, mimes, musicians. Dancers, ventriloquists, and clowns. In addition to the regular cast members, the show will often include cameo performances by local variety artists doing their best routine. This provides an audience the opportunity to see one of their own performing with  a working troupe of professional entertainers. 
Since 1983, Sanders has taken his troupe of variety artists to theaters, fairs and every other type of venue imaginable. Even though the acts change from season to season, the excitement about this type of show is always tremendous. “The reason I decided to take American Variety on the road,”  says Sanders, “was the overwhelming response from children and family groups. We have received hundreds of letters from these people encouraging us to continue this magnificent show.”
The combination of this tremendous amount of talent and excitement will certainly prove to be an incredible event that you will not want to miss. American Variety is always a wonder to behold.

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